apmc Ahmednagar

Agriculture Produce Market Committee

टोमॅटो: Rs. 350         फ्लॉवर: Rs. 2000         कोबू: Rs. 300         काकडी: Rs. 1250         गवार: Rs. 2000         घोसले: Rs. 1500         कार्ले: Rs. 1750         घेवडा: Rs. 3500         बटाटे: Rs. 1000         लसूण गावरान: Rs. 2250         हिरवी मिरची: Rs. 2000         शेवगा: Rs. 2250         लिंबू: Rs. 2000         गाजर: Rs. 850         सिमला मिरची: Rs. 1250         मोसंबी: Rs. 3250         सत्रा: Rs. 2750         डाळिंब: Rs. 3250         नारळ: Rs. 20         अननस: Rs. 20         कलिंगड: Rs. 1000         आंबा: Rs. 4750         गुलछडी: Rs. 27.5         गलाडा: Rs. 17.5         झेडू: Rs. 25         झेडू: Rs. 25         डच गुलाब: Rs. 45         ज्वारी गावरान: Rs. 1325.5         बाजरी: Rs. 1250         तूर: Rs. 3600         हरभरा जाडा: Rs. 3187.5         मूग: Rs. 4250         गहू: Rs. 1850.5         चिंच: Rs. 9950         सोयाबीन: Rs. 3450         मका: Rs. 1112.5         
The Ahmednagar Agriculture Produce Market Committee (AAPMC) has established on 1 October, 1954. The APMC has in centered of the Ahmednagar city with convenience of all amenities. Ahmednagar Agricultural Produce Market Committee (APMC) is an autonomous body constituted under “The Maharashtra Agricultural Produce Marketing (Regulation) Act, 1963” in the year 1977 for the purpose of regulating the marketing of different kinds of Agricultural Produce. APMC was primarily set up to cater to the marketing needs of the farmers and provide them a platform for selling agricultural produce in various markets and at competitive prices. link